Business Intelligence & Corporate Risk
Business Intelligence & Corporate Risk

'You need to have all the facts
      before you can make a decision'

'In Today’s fast moving life Private Investigators play a very important role for Business Intelligence, Risk Studies, Competitive studies and many other things'

WIS International provide Private Detective Services in all major parts of the world. The Countries where we are very active are the United Kingdom (UK) Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Spain. Our Head Quarters are in London, UK providing exclusive Investigation services to our clients.

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Spain With our multi lingual staff and being based in neighbouring Portugal, we are ideally placed to undertake operational activities in Spain. We have direct access to many databases that provide commercial and individual information. We provide business and individual intelligence as well as company and directors due diligence reports. We are able to provide competitive intelligence as well
Legal Support WIS International undertake investigations into fraudulent insurance claims, which includes worker compensation claims, personal injury and related claims. We support the legal profession in civil investigations, relating to litigation, contract disputes, breach of contract, VAT frauds, fraudulent trading. We locate persons and company's assets and undertake tracing of defendants,
  ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH INVESTIGATORS The Association of British Investigators (ABI) is the longest established organisation representing professional Private Investigators in the UK with its foundations laid way back in 1913. Members are admitted only after stringent vetting. Members must conduct their business in a professional manner and by complying with a strict code of ethics with
ASSET TRACING   Asset tracing is a growing area in the field of investigations.  The reason for tracing assets vary from case to case, but the end final hoped results are the same. The location of individuals or companies assets, where their existence is not known or when they have been hidden to be out of reach of plaintiffs.   Most people seeking assets have a set amount t
Competitive Intelligence and Analysis. Competitive Intelligence and analysis one of the most powerful tools that a business can have. Put simply it is the difference between success and failure in competitive business niches because it helps the business which employs it to stay one step ahead of their nearest rivals. Understanding your competition is key to both long term and short term busine
CORPORATE CLIENTS:   WIS International deals with numerous clienteles in the cases of business intelligence, risk, due-intelligence, corporate espionage, fraud, theft investigation as well asset tracing. With the help of our associates and agents we undertake complex cross-border investigations and conduct pre-sue investigations, breaches of contracts, and other such investigation. We bene
“More than 80% of intelligence is obtained from open source” - Allen W. Dulles; the longest serving director (1953-1961) of the C.I.A   BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, being the means of finding information of a company relating to certain facts that relate to the running and management of their companies, as well as their activities in the market place and their future plans for their co
SECURITY AUDITS   What is a security Audit?  A security audit is essentially a systematic evaluation of how effectively an organization's security policy is being implemented, measured against established criteria. Of course, this assumes that the organization has a security policy in place which, unfortunately, is not always the case. Even today, it is possible to find a number of or
INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS   WIS International undertakes a number of insurance type investigations from simple documentation gathering to complex insurance frauds. We assist the Insurance claims departments from a number of companies. Injury claims. We understand the complexity of collecting evidence that will stand the test of litigation. We only use lawful methods of collecting informati
23 June 2014 BRAZIL FIGHTS BACK AT THE NSA EAVESDROPPING March 8, 2014 CRIMINAL RECORDS FOR EMPLOYMENT RULES TO BE TIGHTENED  January 31, 2014 INVESTIGATION COMPANIES MAKING MONEY FROM BRIBERY. January 28, 2014 EDPS calls Germany to take the lead in negotiating the EU DP Regulation January 16, 2014 United Kingdom Defamation Act now in force January 03-2014 ICO will investigate onl
Other Jurisdictions WIS International has, over the years, built up a strong network of professional associates and industry experts, which enables us to provide our services “globally”. Wherever you are and whatever your requirement, WIS-INT can assist you today. Talk to us about your requirements.
Private Detective Services In Angola WIS-INT and its team of Private Detectives has been providing business intelligence services from Angola for over 3 years. We have been able to build a trusted network of source information as well as obtaining direct access to certain intelligence material. Although the procurement of information in Angola can be slow and frustrating, we have worked hard to
United Kingdom and Ireland Established in London, WIS International undertakes many varied assignments through out the United Kingdom and Ireland. Over the years we have assisted many companies and individuals in all manner of private investigation and intelligence related services. We have a long track record of delivering results that matter; on time and to budget. WIS International is regi
CONTRACTOR'S CREDIT, LITIGATION AND REPUTATION REPORTS CREDIT REPORTS     Do not make a financial commitment before you know who you are dealing with.     We provide full credit and status reports on commercial companies and individuals.     The reports are provided quickly and normally include all the company information.     COMMERCIAL INFORMAT
Pre-Employment Screening   Who should do it Any company that employs people that they do not personally know.    Why it should be done One of the biggest investments undertaken by companies, large or small, is in the employment of staff.  Employees are entrusted with; cash, goods, customer relations, your company’s products, price lists, customer/client lists, f
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Brazil WIS International have strong and direct access into many of the information databases in Brazil, providing up to date information on companies and people. We undertake in-depth business research as well as asset tracing and employment screening. We have trusted agents, bodyguard and private detective in Brazil that are used for all field enquiries With the World Cup and the 2014 Olymp
  Who We Are Established in 1983, in London, UK WIS International is a private detective firm. We provide business intelligence, due diligence, private detective, competitive intelligence, trade protection and risk investigation. We hold offices in Portugal and London. Apart from that, we also undertake investigations in many countries. Further, we also undertake assignments and case man
Portugal WIS International has been established in Portugal since 1992. We undertake many private and corporate investigations through out Portugal using our trusted agents. We are registered with the Data Commissioner in Lisbon to handle person data, we are also members of the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. As such, we are well plugged in to information sources in the country. In Por
United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland Established in London, WIS International undertakes many varied assignments through out the United Kingdom and Ireland. Over the years we have assisted many companies and individuals in all manner of private investigation and intelligence related services. We have a long track record of delivering results that matter; on time and to budget. WIS International is